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Ok, just finished up putting in the CS front strut bar. Damn, I really like this thing... sweet bar, everything but the price. Anyways I had to make 0 modifications for the bar to fit. I removed the items on top of the strut towers, but the bars FLAT on top of the strut towers (like they should be) and then bolted everything back on. There are 0 clearance problems. Total time 1hr.

Also put a rear tie on the car. Very easy to do, and I expect good things here. Total time 1hr

Also in process of putting in the Mazda OEM rear strut bar, I am almost finished, this job is a bit more complicated since you must temp. remove some of the carpet from the trunk and also remove some of the trim of the back seat to get at the strut towers. You will also need to put a small hole in the rear carpet to put the bar thought. Total time is going to be about 2 hours.

As usual I have LOTS of pictures. You can check them out at: MX6 Project/Performance
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