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Curved KLZE intake, Outlaw spacers, pc'd valve cover, etc

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All prices here are based on the average forum market value, however, I will entertain reasonable offers.

Anything that needs to be shipped will be done on real shipping cost via Canada Post. Provide a postal code and I will calculate cost for you.

Will only accept Paypal for online payment. Will accept only cash in-person. I am a very reputable seller, feel free to check my iTrader and feedback thread:

Gloss black powdercoated front valve cover. Also, note that the place that did the PC job accidentally eliminated the rubber seal that the PCV valve sits on, so you will have to use on from your original valve cover, or fabricate a seal.

Asking $45.00. I'll throw in the painted oil cap for $5.00 more.

Two bolts are broken off but don't affect functionality. One on timing belt side:

One that holds vent pipe to the valve cover:

A picture to show what it looks like on a KLZE:

Power steering pump with partial hoses. Came off my KLZE. $15.00
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do u have the thermal spacers? IF SO I GET THEM ..................payment to were!!!
Yeah, I have them. 4th picture from the top.

To California:
Total cost including shipping @ 4-10 business days + $100 insurance but no tracking = $49.00

Total cost including shipping @ 9 business days guaranteed +tracking+100 insurance = $55.00

Payment can be made via Paypal to [email protected] if you're still interested. I can have them shipped same day as payment. Thanks.
are you willing to sell the IAC assuming it has the kl31 stamping
No, I will be selling the Intake manifold as a whole. I think I'm letting it go for pretty cheap as it is.
i want the im and vc. if quick wants the tb i have to many as it is.
i want the im and vc. if quick wants the tb i have to many as it is.
The VC is yours.

I will let you know about the Intake on Tuesday, as someone local is interested.

I will get you shipping quotes for the vc / the vc+intake later tonight
Intake manifold and alternator is sold. :D

Valve cover still available.

Price reduced on KLDE distributor (I initially thought it was KLZE, but was corrected as klze disty has 7 plugs, not six like the one I have for sale).
Distributor sold!
Spacers sold too! Wow, 4 items in 2 days! :jump:
Valve cover still available! Powdercoat is much better than just paint, and considering how much I paid for the powdercoating job, this is a great deal!
To help Bshark along, you don't need to fabricate a new pcv seal, you can just buy a new grommet from any parts store for under $5. You just push it in, I had to do that when I got my vc's powder coated. It's actually a good idea to replace these anyway since the soft rubber seal turns into a hard plastic over time.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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