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Hey everyone,
I got a custom mazda mx-6 for sale. It is a 1993 with 88,000 miles on it. I have lots of money and time invested in the car. the extras are as follows:

1. Erebuni sho gun body kit
2. Erebuni sho gun spoiler
3. $3500 custom paint job
4. 4 high proformance racing tires
5. Custom 17in. Konig rims.
6. Lowering springs
7. 2 12 inch orion subs, 2 400 watt amps, and a pasasonic cd player
8. Leather interior
9. Greddy sports exhuast.
10. Tinted windows
11. Sunroof

Pics can be seen at

any reasonable offer accepted. E-mial me back at

[email protected]

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Dude, enough is enough ok. You've posted this in like every single forum. When u had it on ebay I even helped ya out by posting a link to the auction in the lounge. But come one man...
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