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i want to make a custom stereo system in the spare wheel area. if anyone has any info on how to go about doing this please email me with some info and some pics if possible.

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Okay here it goes. Make a square frame out of 3/4" MDF wood. Make sure the frame goes around the tire well. Place foil around inside the tire well and use masking tape all around.

Then, take fiber glass cloth and place it in the tire well, make sure it overlaps the frame you made too. Use fiberglass resin and "paint it all over the cloth. Make sure the cloth is getting nice and soaked so it will gain shape of the tire well. Soak the cloth where it touches the wood frame. Leave a fan to blow fumes out and dry the fiberglass(heat lamp works too).

After about an hour it shoudl be dry. take the fram out and you should have a mold of the well. Cut away excess cloth. Now it is up to you to make the structure strong. Just like paper mache, tear strips of fiberlgass cloth, soak in fiberglass and layer them on. Allow each layer to dry before adding next...7-10 layers is good.

Now you should have a strong enclosure that is only need the top part, which you just use 3/4" MDF wood with the speaker hole cut out already. Just wood glue and screw it on. Paint the top, carpet it, vinyl whatever. Now you have a tire well speaker box.

BTW when working with fiberglass....LOTS AND LOTS of gloves, brushes, and carefullness. Heh, good luck.
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