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cutting out

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Hi guys, just asking this for a friend who has a 626.
When he slows down for a red light etc his car often gets irregular idling speed and more than often stalls. Strange and possibly unrelated bit about this is the steering locks! Now i have several ideas about the stalling, but the steering locking as well? Has me beat!
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You could have posted this in the UK section Wacky... :)

Anyway, the steering locking is just because the engine revs are so low, the power steering doesn't work properly, so it feels like it locks..

As for the stalling bit.. he needs to check the usual items.. air leaks, plugs, leads etc..
Also, he can pull the codes just the same way depending on year..

Well i have been away for a while... kind of forgot what to place where!
Thanks for explaining the steering bit... that was the really strange bit. I think its time for some exploration into the engine bay!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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