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jdmxsix said:
We were putting on my GC's the other day and i saw that my boot that is closes to the wheel is turn. Is this the CV boot that everybody talks about?

if so or if not can i just replace the boot because it is not clicking?
Likely. It depends on how long the boot has been torn and how much lubricant has been lost. If there's no noise yet, you might be safe.

If i can just change the boot can you do it yourself.
Oh yeah it is the driver side boot too. nothing wrong with the other one.
Replacement of the boot can be done one of three ways:

1) Replace it with a new factory-style boot. This will involve disconnecting the shaft from the hub, getting the joint apart etc.

2) Replace the boot with a cheesy split-type boot from a car repair place. Don't have to take the front end apart to do it but the result may be less than satisfactory.

3) Replace the whole halfshaft. $$$ but reliable.

I know i have rad on many post to go ahead and replace the shaft so you know that the CV joint is new and dirt free.
Up to you. It might be the most reliable option, but alot depends on how long the boot has been torn, how much lube has been lost (and how much spooge got in), how many miles are on the shaft, how much money you have etc.
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