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i know i should do a search but im at work and dont have much time.

im trying to remove the cylinder head from my 88 gt. i removed everything but the intake manifold, is there any possible way of removing the head without removing the intake manifold.
also, i removed the 6 bolts retaining the exhaust manifold and it will only slide back about an inch, how do i actually remove it?
because i think that if i can remove the exhaust manifold i could slide the head out of the intake manifold studs.

sounds complicated but im in a hurry and need HELP!!!!!!

There is a bolt underneath the turbo, mounting it onto a bracket. You need to undo that, or the manifold will only have an inch of play.

Because we use head bolts instead of studs, it is possible to remove the head with the intake manifold attached, but seeing as your removing it, your going to want to resurface it, and you'll have to remove the intake manifold anyways.

I usually undo the two nuts on the bracket behind the intake manifold, then the 6 nuts on the back of the intake manifold, unhook the vaccume line that runs to the brake cylinder, and the fuel line, and then slide it back and let it sit out of the way.
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