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Yep it does get quiet on here then it picks up every now an again, evenings are busyest i belive?
It also depends if theres a meet up etc, b4 a meet up people come on to check things and after to talk bout the meet up,
It also depends on how many probs people are having with there cars and its always a good sign when theres not many threads with problems as it seems that everyones cars are working fine(or in a garage still) :( .
Also the mx6 club isnt that big compared to many big clubs i dont think, obvisily the golf club etc will be busyer coz theres tons of VW golfs in the country where as mx6s there are so few that it would be very hard to get this place busy all the time!But its nice that way i think, coz with the members that are here there very freindly and nice people!

ps Tony i was going to call you lazy but iam on here all day to :):D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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