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Dead ECU - No start?

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My 93 KLZE ATX, died all of a sudden while driving.
Then wouldn't start back up.

When I jumper the GND and TEN terminals in the diagnostic box, The check engine light does not flash at all. But the SRS and HOLD and ABS light do.
As a matter of fact, the check engine light never comes on now. Not when cranking, not even when all of the other lights on the instrument panel come on.

Checked fuel pump by jumping GND and F/P and the fuel pump didn't come on. And the car stil won't start.

Next I checked for spark... Took off a spark plug wire, put an old spark plug in it and layed it on the intake manifold while cranking. No visible spark (it's night time so I should easily see if there was spark). Tried another wire... no spark there either.

Would a fried ECU cause all of this? It's the only thing I can think of that would cause all of these irregularities at once.
I'm running the Probinator for my ZE. Everything was fine prior to this shutdown.

It's really strange, because I can't even pull codes from the ECU.
Can't get the CEL to come on, not even during the poweron self test...
Weird stuff. The HOLD flashes code 20, which to my knowledge, isn't even a real code.

What do you guys think of this?
Anyone experience anything similar?
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My car is doing the same thing. The engine won't start it just cranks over. I have checked for spark and nothing, I don't think I am getting fuel either because I crank it take out a spark plug and it is dry, Shouldn't there be some fuel on the plugs after cranking. Also my IAC makes a humming sound when the key is on, then I will hit ti and it will make a whirling sound? Anyone please help us. :)
Lol, cant help ya, but I'm in a similar position. I know the two systems are linked, for example if you dont get fuel, you most likely wont be getting spark, and vice versa. The dealership looked at it and said it could be as simple as a shorted wire, but I took that advice with a grain of salt after they told me it could have been due to the fuel sensors not likeing american fuel.... rofl
Just received a new ECU from Hughes today, pluged it in and my car started right up
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