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decision making...headers :|

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i have been looking for headers for sometime now and i cant seem to find any name brand names except pacesetter. i dont want pacesetter because one of my friends (escort zx2)ordered pacesetters and i looked at them and it seems like they were slapped together and thrown in the box. i turned to Ebay unsure of what to find and no i come here for your guys help. Ebay i know one thing is that is kinda hit and miss type thing. so heres what i have come up with

eBay Motors: Stainless Steel Header Ford Probe MX6 V6 2.5L 93 -96 97 (item 270276571553 end time Sep-22-08 20:33:25 PDT)

eBay Motors: Mazda MX6 MX-6 V6 2.5L 93-95 Exhaust Header Headers TIG (item 260289265415 end time Sep-28-08 13:19:07 PDT)

srry if this is a repost :(
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The first set looks like mine, I had to have a shop sand the flange that bolts to the heads, flat.
Probably more than half the people on here have the ebay headers (including myself). they are a hotshot knock-off and work fine. the two links you posted are the same header from what i can see so go with the $100 dollar ones. if you search you should fine similar threads with info that will help you (search is you friend). the only complaint about the ebay headers is the egr can be hard to install but mine actually went on without too much trouble, hope that helps
yeah or if you dont have EGR (ZE) then its no worries. I will agree with Elmer they look the same.
theyre the same, i got them too. i had it shipped for 80. but the first on is still really good.
Did you guys notice a power gain? I'm gonna order them this weekend, do you think I should get a high flow cat?
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