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Probably your biggest decision is going to be if you want a trunk or a hatchback. That was what got me in to looking at the car in the first place, I got tired of having a a hatchback with my Eclipse. My girlfriend and I were at the Toyota lot looking at Celicas and she wnated to look at a Miata so we wandered over to the Mazda dealership. I saw this pretty cool looking car and had the salesman show me the engine, interior and trunk and I was sold. Big ass trunk, I was very heavily in to stereo systems at the time, a V6 so it had some balls for accelerating over hills while in 5th and a really sharp interior. Been my baby for 6 years going now.

Oh damn, I'm way off the topic of this post. Just figure out if you want a hatch or trunk and go for the one you like the best.
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