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DESPERATE for a job!!

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anyone know of anywhere hiring full time for decent pay? can be either in the belleville area, cobourg, peterborough, newmarket, markham/durham area or brantford/kitchener area.
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:p sell your body if you really need a job lol.........
LOL noone wants to see my body :p i'm meeting with the owner of belleville Saturn today for a service advisor position hopefully it works out!
Move to Alberta, we are desperate for workers.
I would in a second if I could afford to get myself out there :| and had a place to live.
work on the oilfield board is paid 4 you 2 stay on camp~
I thought about doin that but its hard work and my back is messed from a horse accident, i'm doing physio starting later in the fall
Oh god I'm finding the canada section is getting 2 be a big joke we got a kid looking for a job here & is posting on witch is QUITE ODD why dont you apply your resume ONLINE 2 or something even LOOK on kijiji it is not hard finding a job go print off 30 resumes & apply yourself I'm sure if you spent all day looking for a job you can FIND ONE instead of playing video games all day lol... Just word of advice sometimes you gotta bite the bullet & take w/e job you can get that even means if it tims or rotten ronalds. look go out west go work @ tims 4 like 15 bucks an hour that's bomb man serving coffee 4 15 bucks an hour.. Or you can have my job & get yelled @ people all day long because thier car is screwed up.. lol a$$holes onlt reason I'm not leaving b/c
45k a year + bonus kinda hard 2 say bye 2 + the wife would leave me lol........ kidding good luck in your search of a new found job~
btw just because you work some where crappy doesn't mean you will be doing it 4 the rest of your life unless you want to some people dont have a choice just work where you work & find something better I did we all had to start @ the bottem of the chain & work our way up. haha i remember the good ol days where I was a car jockey & always being told what to do now it's the other way around with a PHAT pay~
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i've counted how many resume's i've put out in the last 3 weeks... its sittin at 117 with 20 interviews, 3 call backs for 2nd interviews and havn't been hired, i've seen every ad on kijiji, job bank, my resume is posted on both workopolis and monster... i'm posting here because who knows who might see it who is lookin for someone, or the company they work for is.... I wouldn't post something like this on here if I didn't try everything else. please dont make assumptions i'm not just some kid, sure i'm only 19 but I have alot more life experience then most 19 year olds I know, and i'm alot more mature then all my friends. dont post here if you dont want to help me out.
Well, if you sent out that many resumes and didn't get hired there is a problem. I would say that your skills are lacking, and being 19 makes me thing that you should be in college or university or maybe apprenticing. Highschool (i'am assuming that is all you got) means nothing these days, and a McDonalds counter is about the onlly thing you can get with it.

If you are at all interested in moving to Alberta you wuld have been here by now. Many companies import workers from Mexico, provide housing for them along with many other accomodations. Many places will give you a hiring bonus as high as $2000.00. Yes it is a bit expensive here but keep in mind that a journeyman plumber makes $42.00/h. Not bad for someone with very litle education.

Good luck with your job hunt.
thanks, and yes I have high school, a 1 year apprenticeship completed for auto mechanics, experience with farm equipment, I drove a 5-ton truck from kingston to Toronto and ottawa all last year I have alot of welding experience etc. etc. I do have alot more experience then most 19 year olds, i'm not in college because I can't afford it at this point and still dont know what I want to do as a career, if you know the names of some of these companies let me know because i've searched and searched and can't find anything.
Good luck with your job Search

Marigold Ford in Whitby ( Near Oshawa ) Is hiring Service Techs, give it a shot
if you can handle boredom and being treated like crap, go for security!!
especially if you have a car and can speak at least broken english you're a shoe-in. seriously, security is always hiring. try to get into a hospital they pay better.
if u have a criminal record forget it.
IMO Mazda parter needs to be banned again, kid gets raged and flies off the handles with opinions that the thread creator didn't ask for and clearly doesn't want, and tells people what they should or shouldn't do with their lives.

Just my two cents
100% agree and hes doing the same to me on ONPOC as well he was just as much of a noob as us at one point. thanks for the good luck guys! i'm still searching, might have an apprenticeship lined up with Hydro One and if that works out i'll be extremely happy!
if you can handle boredom and being treated like crap, go for security!!
especially if you have a car and can speak at least broken english you're a shoe-in. seriously, security is always hiring. try to get into a hospital they pay better.
if u have a criminal record forget it.
yah there aren't many security jobs around here but i'm trying to see about moving in with some family closer to the GTA and i'm a good boy haha no criminal record.
ugh bakc to talking about what this thread is about, redbond maple dales hiring haha its an easy job and its form like 7am till around 3 or 5pm, your guaranteed 5 shifts a week. just thaught id let ya know.
Ok .. i have now cleaned this thread up ...

Mazda_parter .. thanks for reporting this thread and being un happy at bitg_pj's reply... it brought to my attention your un-welcome and poor attitude to someone looking for help, and decided to place a call for help on the board .. not ASK FOR A JOB AT MX6.COM as you put it .. i think only you saw that :rolleyes: I have warned the pair of you before, pack it in ! .. or i'll cease it once and for all, there is an option to IGNORE a member, i suggest the pair of you click that option, before someone leaves.

If only life was as easy as typed suggestions on a bulletin board .. Like redbond, i too find myself out of work ... for the first time in 24 years.. finding another job in the current world climate is proving very hard. Companies are looking to save money and shed jobs, like my old job went to india, money reasons only nothing else. Now its easy to say i could find another job tomorrow no problem .. but not in my line of work, and certainly not in my line of pay ! .. approx 60k cad salary $3700 approx monthly .. and that has to pay for a $1,881 cad mortgage to keep my home and another $990 approx to pay the utilities.. so yeah i could get a job at macca's but it aint gunna pay is it ! .. Luckily for me, i took insurance and they pay the bills, for a while, but that soon runs out.. but hey.. i have your comforting suggestions to put to my family when crunch time comes calling.

Redbond .. companies will be more selective of who they hire nowadays due to the economic climate, and dare i say, the cheaper the better, experience will count for nothing if they can get the work done to a satifactory standard for less .. if you can afford it, pitch in low. Also remember the fiscal year runs april - march .. in april, may , june you will see many jobs advertised, departments get their new budgets and go looking for staff, but by this time of year, most are gone and filled. You would also be better off letting people know what line of work you are after and what line of work you are qualified in. A ball park figure for pay would be good too. Keep going with the CV's, and yes i know too well how pissed off you get when they never reply of even have the manners to confirm reciept.

Good luck with the search..


P.S. Mazda_parter and Bitg_pj .. i'm not looking nor expecting a reply from either of you.
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thanks oddy, I got a temp delivering pizza but then the disty and wires went to crap today haha but things are looking up! a big auto wreckers somewhat nearby is doing a big expansion and i had an interview today for an inventory position examining all cars that come in and putting the information into the system of what parts are good and what aren't, and another opportunity for the same place taking apart all the cars that come in. i'm pretty stoked and really hoping this one works out!!
WOO finally got a job!!! I will be one of very few people that can do vinyl flooring, mainly used in hospitals, homes for mentally and physically handicapped etc. $12 an hour 45-50 hrs a week! but the best thing is no commuting!! I will only be working with one other guy who also runs the show and he picks me up at my house!
Congrats man. As much as $12 an hour isn't a lot, just be happy you're working. A LOT of people are losing their jobs right now with the way the economy's going, you're lucky to have a job. The guys I know from high school that got into one of our local factories are going from $30/hr to nothing as of march 1st.
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