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Diagnostic Code 12 - TPS

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I checked my codes this morning due to stalling on cold starts for the past 3 weeks and I have code 12 - Throttle Position Sensor. I removed the negative terminal and cleared it but it came back. Does anyone know if this is a part that can be fixed?
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probably not worth it to fix or buy a new one. id hit up a junkyard or the parting out section
i'll sell you my throttle body with it attached. (then you wont have to adjust it since its still attached.)

I'll definitely consider that but I'm not completely convinced it's the throttle body yet. I cleaned the throttle body. What's interesting about this TPS code, is that I checked voltage to the Red wire on the TPS and it gave me a correct reading per the Chilton's manual. I then checked the white wire and it was low so I adjusted the TPS until it gave the correct reading. So I think the TPS was another issue that doesn't have to do with my low idle and stalling on cold starts. The car actually felt like it was going to stall when I was driving it today. I need to investigate the cat converter and maybe the egr valve. Maybe I should get rid of the beast after 17 years and get a prius.
eww prius. well if you picked up my tb you'd also get the idle valve which it could also be. either way your only looking at $10 +shipping... or $10 depending if you want to drive here.

(if you brought it here, i could take a look at it too.)
The car isn't stalling anymore. It could have been one of two things. I tested the resistance of all the spark plug wires and coil wire and I also sprayed cleaner in the little hole within the opening of the tb, to the left of the 2 tb valves where the idle screw screws into. Either me reconnecting the spark plug wires in the process of testing them fixed it or spraying cleaner into the tb could have fixed it.
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