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Does that yard by you happen to have any good wiring harnesses from a 93/94?

I need to get one.
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what part of the harness do you need i know of 2 complete ones up here
both of them, Im going to replace it 100% along with the fuse box and power wires.
your crazy lol
Not so much lol, I need the one in the engine bay and the one that comes over the fender.

Im pretty sure it will solve some of my issues :D
just got off the phone with the guy at the junk yard he said about 60 for what you need

Do I need to come pull it or do they?
you would they dont even inventory the harness but i know its there
Hehe, can't believe this went by me... Anyways. There are 2 93-94 probes in the yard right now and one 94 mx6, if i recall correctly. So yea, they should have what you need, you will need to take it all off yourself. Price? I don't think it should run you over 50. Just look up the Lynnwood Pull A Part and call them for more up to date info.

Good luck man.
scuba.... he is goin through all the crap that i went through when you were helping me get my car going... i replaced both harnesses and it purrs like and angry lion haha
i thought you put the old harness back in cause you couldnt get it to plug in in the fender??
nope i changed over everything...

in all i changed over: motor, tranny, two wire harnesses. steering column, brakes, and all other necessary stuff to get it running... it was hell...
Why did you change the column?
i dont exactly remember... i think that was the day my dad was working on it without me and he never fully explained it... all i know it i have 2 keys to the car now... one for door and the other for ingition.... lame
hey, i'm gonna switch my ignition from my white car to the red car.... eventually. you can help me if you want :)
heh, steve recommended I might as well change the steering column instead of dealing with the shear off bolts they use on the ignition, but some people grind grooves in the bolts to take them out with a screw driver. just haven't had time to go into my parts car and take the thing out

haha yeah sure if you want me to...
its really not that difficult of a job...i think it took him like 5 mins
haha, nice. i'll take a look at it once my car is back :)
if i remember right there are 2 bolts that hold the column to the dash a couple plugs and 1 bolt that holds the column to the steering rack itself
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