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Re: anyone?

Rufnek69 said:
Anyone else have some feedback on this?
all help is greatly appreciated!


stianless cat-bak+magnaflow
Well, I'm certainly not a tire expert, but here's my take since you asked for it :D

Despite what the mechanic says, you can put any tires you like on your car as long as they clear the suspension, body and fit the rim dimensions. They don't have to be V-rated. The V-rating simply means that the tire compound and carcass are rated for speeds up to 149MPH. If you don't drive that fast regularly, you don't need V-rated tires.

Tires with speed ratings above 'T' are generally "performance" tires in every aspect. That is, you probably won't find many V-rated snow-tires. As such, they'll have stiffer sidewalls, larger tread blocks, softer compounds etc than garden variety all-season tires. Some have assymetrical tread patterns, like the Goodyear GS-C I use on my PGT, that have larger treadblocks on the outside edge for traction in corners and smaller treadblocks on the inside for wet-weather performance. Directional treads are almost always aimed at getting good water-pumping action from designs with large treadblocks (the Yoko A520 comes to mind.) Performance tires, because of their unique compounds and low-volumes, are typically quite expensive. IIRC, the GS-Cs on my rims are in the $225/ea range.

So, it's up to you, really. If you drive your car in all-season conditions and don't change the tires for winter, consider something like a Dunlop D60. If you drive year-round in dry conditions and like hard cornering, get a Yoko A520, Dunlop SP8000 etc. If you drive in alot of rain etc, consider getting something with smaller treadblocks and lots of siping; you'll lose a bit of ultimate dry-grip but will love them in the rain.
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