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Disarming factory alarm

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i Just installed a viper alarm and keyless entry on my 93 mx6. The problem is when it is unlocked, the stock alarm goes off. i want to disable it. I searched the threads and got some vague info about a wire around the hood latch. Anyone got any more info
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I have the same problem and never got around to fixing it but for 95+...MX-6 1995-1997
I found some info on how to disarm it. There is a switch built into the hood latch that can be disconnected tricking the alarm into believing the hood is open, thereby preventing the alarm from activating. thank god for
Great to hear that let us know if it works out for you, btw what year is your car just incase someone search's this in the future
Yep, I had an issue when I changed my door locks out, my alarm would go off even though I used a key to open the door. Problem was that the headlights flash when that happens and xenons HATE to be turned on and off without proper warmup and cooldown.

Like you said, I just disconnected the hood latch connector and all was solved :) I need a aftermarket alarm now no security sucks, and I have no horns either.
Hood latch connector sounds like a quick fix. Is there a way to remove the alarm entirely or is it integrated in with all the other electronics? I sense extra poundage to be lost...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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