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Greetings Mazda Types,
I couldn't find a 626 owners group, so I hooked up with you folks. Alright too many doors, but at least I got a 5spd. I've recently had my 626 2.0 liter in to a local garage to see if they could locate and fix a hard starting (when warm) problem. I had replaced the cap-rotor-wires-plugs and still had the problem so off to the garage it went. They first replaced the fuel pressure regulator, they said it was leaking. Still didn't fix the hard starting problem. Back to the shop, after 4 hours of diagnostic time they decided it MIGHT be the crank sensor in the distributor. This would have required a whole new distributor. When he quoted me $800 I decided to take it home. We had to ****er on the diagnostic time charge. Me not Happy. I seem to recall reading somewhere that the distributor commonly failed in these motors. Anyone heard of that? If I get a new dist assembly is it something a shade tree mechanic can do without screwing up? ... bolt it on plug it in?

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I have a V6 but I have heard that my (ours?) distributer is particularily weak on the 93 and 94 models, the igniter is what is the problem and it was upgraded in the 95+ edition, if this is your problem? I have no idea. But i figured i would volunteer some info. In my case my car started fine but it kept stalling, so it sounds diff. Its late so i don't know what i am saying, good luck though,
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