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Alright well here's a good run through how to remove an alternator from a 88 mx6. Should be the same for 88 and 89. I've heard there are differences for 90-92's.

First you'll need these:

Next disconnect the negative post from your battery. Last thing you want to do is shock the hell out of yourself or worse burn yourself with a electrical shock.

Now you'll want to block up the wheels to prevent it from rolling backwards while you jack up the front. You can also use your parking brake if it works. If its like mine, nobody ever bothered to pull it and you have just snapped the cable by trying to do this the correct way...........

I put my jackstands on the cradle/crossmember mount. I have a crappy floorjack with a small cup and i was leary to go too high.

When working be sure not to knock over this important thirst quencher

I removed the belt tensioning bolt first. Really its easier to take off the connections first to keep it from moving and loosen the bottom bolt you'll see later but anyway

Removing the electrical connections

Now removing the bottom bolt

Now getting it out i just removed the charcoal canister. It just slides out of its holder. Simply unclip the vacuum lines and move it to the side

Now carefully pull it out, you may have to angle it a little but dont' break any lines near it

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