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I made one of these some odd years ago and it came in very handy when tuning my CRX-T. I figured I'd post it for everyone to see. Very simple, and very cheap if you do it the right way.

First you need a gauge, I bought glycerine filled 4.5" @30psi. Very easy to use and very easy to read. I bought mine from in part number 3708K402:

You can buy others obviously as need be, this one suited the purpose but I still had to buy another that read higher.

Sorry for the crappy picture, I took a picture of a picture and it was the best I could do :shrug:

Next you'll need to buy an O2 bung or two:
18mm X 1.5 thread pitch is pretty mch standard and can be found at any auto parts store for fairly cheap.

Next you'll need an 18mm 1.5 thread pitch bolt to drill through:

You'll also need to tap the hole to accept a common brass pressure fitting which will serve as a plug-in for you pressure tester. Use a couple feet of brass pressure line for heat and it is okay to use rubber vacuum tubing leading to the gauge after that. You want to be able to move your gauge around freely:

And enjoy your new backpressure tester!
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