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Needed items:

thins plexiglass (super market shelf dividers)
Hard but bendable wire.
6 LEDs
drill or heat source.
speaker wire
electrical tape
pvc glue
wire splicer

cut the plexiglass into a square shape that can cover the desired holes.

heat up the bent wire and make holes on both sides.
these wires will be used for mounting as well.
measure how far the 2 wires have to be from behind the body.

here is your friend for this project!

mount the plexiglass with the wires glued onto the body.

tape from the front until it is hardened.

this is the space that has to be worked with.

splice all 3 of the turn signal light.

wrap the LED with electrical tape to prevent short circuiting
then wrap it with another piece of wire.
i recommend using floral wires. for crafts.

then wrap it around the top mounting to hold its place.

black is ground.
green/red are turns/parking light
i forgot which one was which... sorry about that.

day pix.
sorry its a crappy write up ( _ _
the limited space prevented me from taking good pix.
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