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Ok, so i needed to replace my shifter bushings as all of us have at some point.
So i got the parts and went at it. I went ahead and replaced the bug rubber one as well since I was in the area but as previously stated it is unnecessary in most cases.

The ojob took about two hours, but that included a beer break, and time to text cindy as she was having a big ordeal at this time so i had to deal with her as well.

The job is fairly straightforward and shouldn't cause ya too much grief but I figured a few pictures never hurt anyone. Sadly there was no way I was squeezing my D40 under the car and risking dsmaging it, so I stuck with Vivitar P&S.

Ok, on with the job....
The tools i used, you may need more or less..
PB Blaster and White Grease: for everything lol
12mm wrench: pretty much a necessity
Large flathead screwdriver: i used it to pry back the little metal pieces covering the screws for the rear cover
14mm ratchet/socket:used to remove the bolts holding in the big rubber bushing
12mm swivel/ratchet/socket: my godsend, this ratchet is amazing
Small flathead screwdriver: used to get the old bushings out ina couple spots
8mm socket/wobble extension
: used to remove the screws holding the rear cover on.
Utility knife: optional, i used it to cut the edges off the old rubber bushing which made it pop right out.

Car jacked up and settled on my gangsta jack stands. They may look unsafe but they have held a Ford F 350, and have been going strong for YEARS.

The parts, yep, my bushings are JDM tyte y0!

The rear culprit, this is with the cover removed

Get a wrench on one side and a ratchet on the other and break it free. This can be tricky, i had mine soaked in PB Blaster, and made fairly quick work of it, the shifter can tend to move around, so put it in gear to make the job a little easier.

then pop the screw out, i had to twist mine a decent amount but it came

Drop off the shift linkage

Remove the old bushings, one of mine pretty much crumbled, one came out fairly easy. I used my small flathead to get the one out.

Grease the new bushings and reinstall everything, here it is put back together and greased up, kind of messy but i don't care.

Here is the guard you will have to remove. I didn't reinstall the rear screw because it was a bitch, i put the sides on and called it good.

The old ones out of the car...

Time to switch to the front, the easier of the two if ya ask me.

you want the vertical bolt here...

Do the same thing as on the rear.

Now the big one...

Undo the one bolt that goes into the bushing. It is longer than the others but comes out pretty quick

I cut the front edge off of the bushing which allowed it to slide right out. Pull the metal sleeve out first, it makes things MUCH easier, and needs to be re-used.

Push the new pushing in THEN the metal sleeve, grease it all of course.
Put in the bolt and tighten it all down.

Old fronts:

And time to go out and have some fun...
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