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OK chaps,

I am in the middle of building the water tower for my loft. It is a lovely job. Constructed lovingly of B&Q value timber and replete with the black plastic tank ready to be perched on top, it is currently sat in the middle of the spare room, surrounded by sawdust, my various power tools and, until a few minutes ago, me, with my head in my hands.


Because I managed to drop the power drill out of the loft. The drill is ok, but the 8mm masonry bit is bent. In addition, the chuck key was pinged out of its little rubber socket, immediately attained orbital speed, and is currently god alone knows where.

I am well aware DIY stands for Destroy It Yourself. However, I am worried the next destruction may be my sanity. I sometimes think it would be a pleasure to come home and find this rotten house in flames.


Edit: Just found the chuck key. :muhaha: .
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