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Dodge ram

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I know it sounds like a joke. I mean ive heard of suvs racing us.. but now a Dodge Ram?

Well anyways, i was in the car with my dad early on a saturday mornin, about 6:30 am. We are on our way to work and pull up at a red light. This guy in a red Dodge Ram pulls up next to us. Looked brand new im guessing a 03. He starts reving it, and i couldnt help but laugh at him. My dad was driving, so when it hit green he took off, i mean, it wasnt even competition but i just think its funny. I think this guy watched the new Dodge Ram commercials too many times..
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Just watch out for those Hemi's cuz they could give a pretty damn good run. And damn it, i hate those damn Ram commercials, and it seems like everyother fooken truck commercial always attacks the new Ford F-150. First Ram, then Chevy with the most standard HP on V8... blah blah blah, and Ford still outsells them all. And not to mention it has the most available torque in its class. All of my friends say that if Chevy had a supercharged 5.3 V8, it will beat the Lightning. What a load of SH*T. And even if it could they im sure they wouln't sell. Sorry for going out of the subject, but i had to say it. Cuz i own a F-150. Please share if any comments.
God i hate them damn dodge rams, seriously they are so ugly now.
People with trucks drive like an ass all the time, they think they are tough **** cause they drive a truck, they cut you off,tail your ass,it's annoying!!!
If the Dodge Ram is such a piece of $hit, than why did Motor Trend name it the 2003 Truck of the year? For both the High output Cummins Turbo Diesel, and the new HEMI. That should say something about the Ram compared to Ford and Chevy.

I'm not trying to start another stupid ass Ford vs. Chevy vs. Dodge flame war, I'm just pointing out some facts that people have to think about before flaming cars/trucks without having any knowledge about them, or judging them by their looks.

I used to work as a salesman at a Dodge and Chevy dealership, and I have driven every damn american car/truck made (including a ZO6)except the Viper. And I have to admit that I have appreciation for Dodge, Chevy, and Ford in different ways.

So this whole "he's an idiot in a POS truck" and "Ford is better because of this..." $hit is really annoying, and immature.

Well with the larger class of Dodge, Ford and GM trucks, they are turbo charged diesel and for good reason. They are meant to produce peak torque when hauling loads.

I remember my bro raced an F-350 turbo diesel in his mx3 and they were side by side. I guess it is because the guy didnot know how drive or because of the fact that those trucks haul better with a load.

But the reg cab are more of sports trucks which is why people get them.

Correct me if im wrong.

If the Dodge Ram is such a piece of $hit, than why did Motor Trend name it the 2003 Truck of the year?
Just to clarify no one said it was a piece of s***, it's a very well built truck no doubt.

My argument is that it's add a hemi to anything and it will get attention,but all i am saying is that it's a dodge ram with a hemmi,that's it.

Add a hemmi to the F-150 and it will do the same.Exactly my point.

It was a smart move on dodge's part to add the hemmi to sell more of the ram's but it's getting old now.The commercials,like Master72 said,dodge doesn't realize WE GET THE POINT!. Sure they are funny commercials but seeing some guy in a hemmi ram race some moron with a hemmi charged go kart(with a parachute) doesn't make me want a dodge ram.It doesn't prove anything.

They are shoving the ram down our throats, and OMG as i speak their is a new hemmi ram commerical on,the one with the guy and the speakerphone.
Yeah, we have a new Ram 3500, Its not fast, but weither we're pullin our 30 foot 5th wheel, or my car in a trailer (usually the case) It doesnt slow a bit goin up a hill, compared to when its just the truck by itself.
Juggalo said:
If the Dodge Ram is such a piece of $hit, than why did Motor Trend name it the 2003 Truck of the year? Juggalo
Because the Nissan Titan wasnt out [email protected]
SilverLS said:
Because the Nissan Titan wasnt out [email protected]
Good point:tup:I forgot about that. The Titan is a bad ass Japanesse truck that's going to kick american ass!

I saw one on the road a couple of weeks ago, it had California tags on it. Very good looking truck with impressive number's.

i agree with ppl on the new rams lookin like **** but i loved my old dodge ram it was a 95 reg cab 4x4 and it kicked ass, took it to the track once and ran a 15.9 with 31" muddin tires, it had a few mods, I/H/E and a few more but it beat almost every import i raced and i never revved at anyone they always revved at me for some reason then got all pissed off when there civic got beat by a big ass truck. but that was the best part watching ppl react to getting beat by a truck in your "tricked out" civic when your friends are with you.
the new hemi ram with the shorter wheel base and single cab runs a 15.0 in the quarter mile BONE stock. that's pretty damn impressive. i think they are cool trucks, and the looks have grown on me. anybody with a stock mx6, if they know which model it is, and it's the one i just mentioned, should not even bother because it will own you good and hard. even with the work i have done i was surprised when i didn't start pulling on one until bout 55 in second gear.
Master72 said:
Cuz i own a F-150. Please share if any comments.
What year? Is it the same generation as a 92? How much HP/ Torque? 302?

Friend has one and whats some facts about it, cant find any on the internet
I have a 2001 F-150 XL 4.2 V6, 202 HP @ 4800 Rpms, and 252 tq @ 3200 Rpms Manual tranny curve weight is about 4000 lbs. I got it a day before graduation of High School. It is my first truck. And Juggalo, i meant the commercials, by all means im not saying that the F-150 is better, im just saying that every other truck maker's commercials attack the F-150, and IMO i think its a load of crap. And with my experience with Chevy owners (ALL of my friends), they rationalize that this is better and blah blah blah. I think what there really mad at is that the F-150 has a Harley edition.
I was beat one night at the track by a ram 3500 turbo diesel. I was thinking the same thing you were before we raced though. He had a better reaction time, and stayed ahead. I was right at his bumper until almost the end of the track where I finally started to gain on him. I ended up with a better time, but he beat me with a 15.7 over my 15.6
There was actually a chevy 2500 turbo deisel hitting low 14's, at the track too. It was kicking ass. I wonder how they teaked it out. boosted the PSI?
as with any car that runs stupidly low times and has forced induction, i'm sure that had a large part to do with it. this wasn't a dualy was it? or do they only make those in the 3500
no, it wasent a dualy, it was a single cab, 2500 turbo deisel. But sh*t man its deisel.... i really never hear anything about a deisel powered car and truck for that matter running even low 15's. Impressive and unique:E
dodges hemi

if you think the new dodge hemi motor is a true hemi, your full of sh1t, the only thing they have in comin with a real hemi is the name. if it was a real hemi in the new dodge, they've always been top in torque no matter when, ford and chevy always have had the horsepower though, that is untill now, 70's mopar was on top, and its about time there back
jap trucks

what the f*@k is that. Any american that will buy a jap truck is a piece of sh*t. I don't care about any of that crap. A real american will buy a Chevy, Dodge, or Ford truck any day of the week period........
ya uhh...this thread came back from the dead?

BTW, it's your opinion, anyways most JAP cars are more reliable, in case you haven't noticed...and these days,reliability and price are #1 on consumers minds.

Wasn't it TOYOTA that just passed Ford up?

Yah that's right it was...

When it comes to trucks, most people dont buy them because they actually need them, most people who need a truck buy the
F-350's and the such. And as far as the Hemi goes, Dodge must be really desperate since they are using that engine in EVERY car now. Seriously...a Hemi in a station wagon? Gimme a break!

Personally I hate trucks, I have noticed that about 75% of the truck drivers I have encouintered on the road are @$$ holes...they ride your tail and think they own the road.
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