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Does anyone recognise this Bodykit (Mazda Mx6 Gt 1G)

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Dear forum,
I grew up as a child in Germany with my father's car. A beautiful Mazda 626 Coupe, built in '89, 2.2 automatic. - in the European Union the car is called slightly different. Unfortunately, in 2003, my father had to sell the vehicle. Today, I am searching for the body kit that, according to my research, was manufactured by German companies Postert, Küwe, or Pakpfeifer at that time. Some of these companies no longer exist today. Nevertheless, I hope to find help here. The manufacturer or model designation of the kit, or perhaps someone knows someone who knows someone who has the complete vehicle or the body kit and wants to sell it :)



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My first thought was Erebuni kit
No good shots of the fronts
Found a body kit at the junkyard

Congratulations to 1FIERCEGT, our September COTM Winner!
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