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I have an '89 LX and i'm swapping in an ;)FE3;) motor. Is it true that the top engine mount won't match? How off is it? Also distributor is a problem. On my 2.2 engine, the distributor plug is a two wire, but the distributor plug is a four wire on the FE3. (or is it the other way around?) Can anybody help?

The exhaust system looks good on the FE3. The F2 headers are four-two to one. The FE3 headers are four-two-one pipes. That's nice! The only problem is the downpipe. I have a two-one downpipe. But I need a straight one pipe. I was going to chop off the end and weld on a single pipe flange. But i noticed that the stock pipe is ceramic coated. If i weld a single flange that's not ceramic coated, will the pipe get red hot? (The flange only costs $12 CAD but a new pipe will cost at least $150 CAD)

I seem to have the no cat version FE3 motor. But I don't see the eight intake ports for the VICS head. Does the VICS head look just like a normal four port intake or do I just not have VICS?

Sorry for the long post but I have just two more questions. What is the beginning and end of the redline on an FE3. And I need to know that I have the right ECU. Can anybody tell me if I have the right part number? The number under the big "F201" didn't come up on my local dealer's computer, so it's most likely for th FE. But I need to know if it's a 5-speed ECU. Can you post the phone number and e-mail of a mazda dealer in Aus or wherever else FE3 is available? Thanks. :) :eek:

Much gratitude to whoever can help me as my car is in the shop now getting prepped for the swap.:D

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The ECU probably won't work.

I have a F201 ECU (Federal Emissions) in my car (at least was in my car :)) and that was a n/a 5-speed.

The distributor is key point to why this ECU won't work with the FE3. The ECU doesn't know what to do with it. The distributor from the FE3/turbo cars include a cam angle (or is it crank angle) in it for knock control and ignition. The turbo/fe3 uses the info from the knock sensor and distributor to either retard or advance ignition.

I know that the F220 ECU from the GTs are 5-speeds and are also Federal Emissions. I know this because of the car it came out of.

If you can't get a hold of the fe3 ECU, try to get a F220.

Try to contact FE3T, he can help you as he has a FE3 engine.

I believe that the intak manifold only has 4 ports and there are valves inside the runners or the plenum. Not sure though.... In either case the VICS part would be on the underside of the manifold.
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