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i was playing around with a shape to but 6" speakers in the door but it didn't work

o buy the way the car is a 88 mx6 with sun roof

i ended up spliting the door panels in two but now require some new ones

i got quated $180nz for each door panel thats around 80us dollars also i need two new seats one's broken but will need the other to match

it was cut for some reson when i got it the metal surports in the seats i think they were after one of the computers under the seats but i whelded it back togeather for now but have no ajustment on the seat

has any body got prices on these parts and what sort of price to send to nz

there is not alot of them in nz so parts are expensive i paid $1200nz for it and another $800 on parts to fix it up for road use still needs more spending on it but will get there

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I don't have any help on the parts you seek, but to get 6.5" speakers I made custom kick panels out of fiberglass and they work great without messing up the door panel. I'll try to get some pics for you, but you may be able to see them in my interior shot on the site below. Good luck!

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well im a car audio installer and was trying to get a stelth look but it's hard with the way the door panels are shaped

anyway i have found a new set of door skins to go on cheap so im happy there i was looking at the kick panels first because that would give me the best image but on the jap modles the fuse box is on the drivers side kick panel, is it the same on the us models but on the left hand kick panel or is the fuse box located some ware else, will look at that option tonight again i would love them there or well i think of somthing try and get some pic's of it up as well on the stereo system etc.

i have a set of jaycar subs to go in there and there very deep 6"

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