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Dropzone Lowering Kit $100

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Brand new, never been used. The guy I bought my MX-6 from was going to install them but never did.

No instructions included, but it looks pretty simple to me. The aluminum tube is a spacer thing you can adjust to get your ride height how you want it, looks like you can drop 1-4 inches easily.

Anyway, if you want to go low and you're on a budget, give me a PM.
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There's no label on any of the springs or components or the box. I figured out what brand it was by searching for MX-6 lowering kits (you know there can't be too many of those out there).

The Dropzone ones look exactly like what I have in the box. Unmarked red springs, that big adjustable aluminum tube spacer that I've never seen in any other kit, and a pair of nifty wrenches designed to adjust the spacer.

Two of the springs are about an inch longer, I imagine these ones go up front since they'll have more weight on them. The nice thing is those spacers can be adjusted up to 4" so you can get fine tune it to just the right height.

Nevermind, the box does say MX6/Probe 93-97 on it. I have no idea what all those little rubber rings are for, lol.
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bump stop or spacers?
I'll lower price to $75, including shipping.
can anybody verify that these are in fact drop zones? I've been looking for a set of drop zone coils but I thought that they had drop zone stamped on the springs. I just don't want to end up with a set of the super cheap ones from ebay..
btw.. any pictures with a piece of paper with name and date?
I will vouch they are dropzone's
I looked up the Dropzone kit for the MX-6 and these look identical to the photo.

Yeah, they could be knockoffs though. There aren't any labels on any of the pieces except a F or R on the springs to indicate where they should go. The box didn't have any labels either except for a sticker that says 93-97 MX-6/Probe. No instructions, no papers, no receipts, just the parts.

Has anyone actually seen the Dropzone kit in person? Does it have labels or other identifying marks?

Anyway, if you want to give them a shot just PM me. If they aren't knock-offs then $75 & free shipping is a pretty good deal :p
those are them, there cheap anyhow, so I can't see anyone doing "replica's"

they can be bought for 125-160 (from what I found on the net)

so, 75 shipped is a fair deal!
are these still for sale?
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