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Dropzone strut perch huh?

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K I read up on the Dropzone coilovers...they're already on their way, but before I have them installed I wanna know what all has to happen so that I actually get the drop I want out of it...which I guess means cutting the strut perch?
Would someone please explain to me what all goes in the process of doing that? I'd like to know so that I know what's going to happen to my car, and so that I and whoever installs these both are aware of what needs to happen in order to get the desired drop.
All the threads mention doing it, and sorta what goes on, but I'd appreciate it if someone could lay it out clearly so I can learn from it.
Thanks a lot,
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SEARCH............. @-

that thread is a sticky in the second gen projects section. hope that helps and if u have any more questions, dont ask them, search for them ;) if all else fails then ask. most of the questions you'll have about your mx6 have already been answered.

good luck with your install :tup:
hes been here since dec of 2001 he prolly knows about "SEARCH" and he prolly even seen that post but he wants more pics and detailed instructions which that post does not show...
HAHA, yeah, telling him to search.


Anyways I will try to clarify but don't have pics with me.

This is how your struts look:
(ignore the dots they are only there to hold place)

Now you can see where the ^ are pointing at. The top is the bumpstop rest, which must be grounded down for the coilover slip to slide over. It only needs a bit of grinding and should be fairly easy. Now the spring pearch is the much bigger thing that the springs rest upon. This is the perch, look at your current suspension and you will see this big ass perch that the springs are resting on. All 4 of these must come off. They are pretty hard to get at but not overly complex. Just make a cut into the perch and cut off the perch at the welding points. Be careful not to cut into the struts housing themselves.

ANd are you intending to use these with your stock shocks? I hope they are at least 30k miles or newer or chances are they are blown to bits. If you have never touched them than you will need new struts. I have done this 4 times and everytime i try not to buy struts but ended up buying them anyways since installation is a pain in the ass. If you do buy new struts than you can buy struts that do not have the spring perch at all. I believe you can get KYB and of course Tokicos that are perchless. These are much better than grinding off the spring perch since it will hurt the strut tube.
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Hey, yea, thanks, I appreciate the little diagram and all. I took a look already at the thread you linked too, those are for Ground Control and not Dropzone coilovers, and though they may involve some of the same work, I wanted to know what exactly went into the installation of Dropzone coilovers specifically.
I make use of the search function whenever possible, and though I do appreciate the "dude, seriously, serach already" senitment, I wouldn't have posted if I hadn't already. But all the same, for precautionary measures, good call.
Anyway, yea, I just wanna know so I understand a little better the mechanics of what I'm about to do to my car and all, and so when I take it in to the garage in a week or so I can tell them exactly what it is they're going to have to do to get the drop I want, rather than have them spend $48/hr trying to figure it out themselves. Not an efficient use of my money, if you can relate.
Yea, these are going to go on stock struts/shocks, my goal is to replace them with Tokicos as soon as possible, funds permitting. Lousy projects get expensive quick.
I'll just tell my install guy he's gonna have to cut off the strut perches one way or another in order to let the coilovers sit where they need to to get optimal drop, hopefully since he's familiar with this kinda thing he'll know what's up. Thanks Parsifal and BlingBling, I appreciate you humoring what must seem like a pretty newbie thing to be posting about. It's that whole, "If I don't know exactly what's going on how on earth am I supposed to get better at this sh*t" paradigm.
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I paid 100 dollars to get mine put on.I ve been way too busy at work to do it myself.They ride really bad....but if you wanted a car that rides like a cadillac you would have bought one.Also I hope you are getting new struts.Im ordering my tockico Illuminas for 160 for the front two.( They are adjustable so they will probally be best for the coil overs)
When you had them put on did you tell them about the perches or did they figure it out on their own? How did it turn out? Did they have to adjust the camber at all?
I'm not planning on keeping stock struts on, but money is an issue, so I might not do it till later. Would I be better off just waiting until I can afford the struts too and just have them installed at the same time? Would that save me the trouble of having the perches cut?
Sorry I didnt post for a while..... I told him he may need to grind them but he just cut it down with a sawzall.I wouldnt wait really unless you wont be able to purchase new struts for longer than 2 months....Mine were already blown when he put em on.Still not too bad of ride , but I dont really drive that much.(Im tryin to keep the mileage down).70K...
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