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Dyno today - Numbers inside

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Well I got the car tuned today and great news, it didnt blow up or nearly blow up like last time :D:tup:.

Made 123kwatw at 6psi as silly me didnt set the boost controller to 8 before I got on the dyno. The tuner said that my turbo was way too small as well so start saving for a new one :). Thinking go Gt30 (his advice) or maybe a Turbonetics unit as they are quite alot cheaper then the Garetts and look pretty decent. Also one sucky thing is that my rear exhaust mani gasket blew while on the dyno, and there is smoke everywhere in the engine bay and it really gets into the cabin while im driving as well. Wont be able to get that fixed till next next weekend but oh well, lets just hope it doesnt kill me :).

Overall I'm disappointed with the numbers I suppose because it is less then I expected but really I don't care. The car frieken fly's now and drives so much smoother and we will see how much fuel economy I got back :D. Sux that I have to do a long road trip tomorrow to Terrigal with exhaust gases in the cabin though.

Im scanning the graph now, no torque numbers or RPM weirdly enough...

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Good stuff Turk. Always wanted to see how it would go.
Cheers, I was curious too. Graphs up now. Grrr I cant flip the graphs for some reason!!
HOT turk
Thanks Jmoore, but what do you think of the dyno??

Also Ill tell you what, ive driven some "170kw" cars and I can see know how numbers can get bullshitted around real easy. This is <130, and a shit load quicker then some "170" or so cars.

Oh and one more sooky thing. My starter motor died (Fuck you Rod you were right :p) on the way out of the dyno place, just around the corner. Im trying to start it for ages, doesnt work. Go to the wreckers and get one for $60, drive home (with the mx6) and turn car off. Turn car on and the starter motor works!!!. Wtf huh, Ill keep it in the car as a spare just in case.:shrug:

EDIT - Just went back outside and the starter is fucked again. Ill just change it/
I would love to see what sort of torque numbers your car is making. The graphs looks beautifully smooth. what sort of A/F ratios are you seeing at idle and cruise? 12.7 seems awfully low.
I have no idea what the numbers are like there as I wasnt in the room while it was being tuned and my wideband is not exactly accurate at the moment due to a bad ground.

Also I realised that I didnt zip tie VIRS 2 open, but it probably wouldnt make that much of a difference :).

Hopefully a dyno day or something similar will come up soon where I can get a cheap shootout done at actually run it at 8psi and with my little quirks sorted. At least for now im very happy as tuning is complete and now I can focus on other things.
Good to see you got it done, all of us having a go about the black smoke on the cruise, stir you into action ?

I would have thought it would be more like 140 just by how it went on the road.

I was following you and had to power shift to keep up. Mind you I've never put the 89 on a Dyno, So I have no idea what its good for.

Maybe we should do a dyno day....though I want to wait until I finis the turbo swap...could do a before and after tho.
The car is pouring black smoke into the street, someone jumped out of their work ute to help me because he thought my car was on fire. Either that exhaust manifold leak that was filling the cabin with smoke got a fuck load bigger, or something worse.

And my starter motor KEEPS FUCKING PLAYING UP ON ME!!!
my starter motor was doing the same, i just replaced and have had no issues since!
I think the rings on my ZE might be blown. That sux big time.
fizzle that!
Good to see you got a tune, can you feel any difference in throttle response or smoothness of the power?
Did you not read the post above Kykota's :). Either the turbo or the ZE is blown. Im still up for that swap by the way Stoof :).
Black smoke is fuel smoke...

White smoke, now that would be rings or turbo, all of which make oil smoke which is generally White/Grey

Hard to say at this stage what the problem is, its doesnt make sense.

I'd start by fixing the exhaust leak..priority might find its all related to that.....then do a compression test and monitor the oil consumption, to see if its any worse than normal
nice going mate =]! umm how many kw's does a stock 2g mx6 have atw?? and what about the ZE atw??
It is definitely white smoke, I am quite sure I have narrowed it down to blown rings or fucked turbo.

I was disapointed with the dyno reading. Im thinking that the rings might of been on their last legs and hence the shit power output, then the thrash on the dyno just killed them.
congrats on the dyno run! but sorry to hear about all ur trouble.. when it comes to cars: when it rains it pours, both the starter motor and the engine/turbo :( its a real shame. i hope its the turbz cos its a shitload easier to replace, not to mention u were advised u needed a better (bigger?) one anyway.
keep us updated man! and dont lose hope!
lol good luck.
Could also be headgasket apparently, but I don't think so as oil level and water level are fine and dont look mixed.. I will do compression check soon, but the thing is that the starter doesn't work so it wont crank :).
Starter motor, isn't that much.. Just roll start lol..

It sounds like your rings are for sure gone or something in the engine. I would IMO doubt the turbo shat itself as a wild guess, it's just limiting output. :)
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