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DZ coilovers

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ok.. so my 6 is kitted and I'm going to start doing some shows around my area with it soon. Currently it is not dropped though. Basically what I want to know is if the Drop zone coilovers are decent quality. I need them to be fairly easy to adjust because I will probably ride at just under stock height normally but want to be able to slam the car for shows. I also of course don't want the ride quality to suck.

SO, are the Drop Zones something worth going for? I'm a broke college student and there is a set in the bst that are brand new for a fairly reasonable price.

Thanks a ton for any help.

tl;dr Are Drop Zone Coilovers going to be easily adjustable and offer a decent ride quality?
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I know a lot of guys have tried them. I have seen them for as little as $100 a set. Search here and at to see if anyone really complained about them. I never heard anything too bad about them. Just make sure you get some decent struts to go along with the new springs.
yeah the struts need to be replaced anyway so I'm hoping to get some blues but may end up settling for GR2's I'm probably to broke to get the blues.

My brakes going south and forcing me to spend 600 dollars to replace them has kind of screwed me over. But at least I'm getting the Mazda Speed 6 brakes.. WOOT WOOT!
If your going to get Tokico Blues, invest in a set of springs, I've seen some on ebay for like $150(HR or K-Sport IIRC) + shipping

Edit: If you want some Blues, call at Stillen in Cali. Ask to speak with Kenny, great guy and the shocks are $102 each.
i have the drop zones.. they arnt adjustable they are just springs.

but i have pics up in the gallery and i LOVE the ride! its nice and supper stiff and dosnt drop it enough kitted to really mess anything up.
yeah... I'm not talking about the drop zone springs.... I'm talking about the coilovers... Why should I go springs with the tokicos instead of the coils?
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