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( i searched through the 20 so odd pages, but no luck).so i get in my car last afternoon and release the ebrake... loose as a goose. not like it should be. so i take it to a friends house and remove the console, take the bolt off of the cable, pull on it and it comes straight up. about 5-7 inches from the screw point is a nice little snap in the line. so heres where i am stuck. i called the mazda dealership and its going to be $24.37 for a new cable. not to bad. now, i'm just curious how hard it would be to replace the cable with my friend? please explain to me in detail how to do this. doesn't the cable attach to the handle then disappear to the underside of the heat shield( not visible ) then appears and hooks to the other cables that lead to the brakes. so is all i need to do is just take the old cable off and hook up the new one. please say yes. any help would be great. thanks everyone.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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