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I sent an e-mail to Darren Dawes yesterday. I thought a few of you might be interested in what he had to say:

Here's my e-mail...

Some questions I've thought of:
Have you guys thought about offering systems whereby a multi-stage boost controller would be triggered by a signal sent to it by the throttle posistion sensor? So 1/4 throttle could be 3 psi, 1/2 throttle could be 6 psi, and full throttle would be 12 psi, for example.
Also have you thought of building a manual boost control where that part you spin to adjust the boost was gear driven and hooked to a motor? This would again be controlled by the TPS, but would give a linear range of available boost that parralleled the opening angle of the throttle valve. (A heavy duty servo from an R/C car might work for this.)
I'm pulling this crap out of my ass, feel free to tell me I don't know what I'm talking about.

And his reply...

You DO know what you are talking about! It's as if you read my mind, as I'm currently working on a motor driven boost controller. The problem is limiting the travel of the motor, without using an expensive encoder or electronics. The task is not insurmountable, but it may take a little while to work the bugs out. As far as a throttle position triggered boost controller goes; I've thought about a TPS driven WOT switch for other applications, but have never built one because of the numerous configurations available on different vehicles. Some are 0-5v, while others are 0-9 or 0-12v. Some climb in output as the throttle opens and others decrease. The result would be that I would have a lot of people asking if it works on their car, and I'd spend all my time reading Chilton's manuals ;-)
However, we have a product coming out this summer that will allow the user to program it any way they need. Hopefully, it will satisfy this need. Both of your ideas are sound, in my opinion, and I appreciate your input.

Darren Dawes
==Dawes Devices
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