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E-Town Fall Nat's - October 11th/12th

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So, who's going?

1) Jacob R. - photos. Find me with TeamXXX Racing people.
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im going
what time and what day the 11 or 12 ?
most definitely on Sunday the 12th..
what time guys i may be out there in my mx3, the six wont be ready till next year... damn holidays lol
Change of plans =\
Jets game tomorrow.. got ticks=P

sorry guys...
October 26th - Old school Import shootout and import survival.. i'll be there for sure!!!
aww u suck risen lol
lol sorry man.. i really wanted to go see teams p.r and u.s.. this is actually the first time i missed the fall nationals event =P
and the funny thing is im not even a jets fan lol
i regret not going but i'll be there on the 26th for sure;]
I WILL be at the track tomorrow for the survival series... anyone else????
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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