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Great forum , I've been watching it for a couple weeks . It's good to see so many people show much respect for a car that never gets enough.
I have a ton of questions but I'll take it easy for now.
I have a 93ls ,145000km,red,fully loaded, leather , nice inside out for 10200. Which seemed like a comparable price
for that year(was it?)
The only problem and it really isn't is that it is auto.
So my question is whats the best way to take off from the line. Some people have told me to put it in Low , press the hold button, then take off switching eventually to DRIVE, then taking off the hold.
Others have said to just stomp it off the light and not to worry about Low and Second or the hold button.
oh and coldnoodle by any chance was your new blue kit and hood a one off custom job? Is there any possiblity of getting that redone? the shogun body kit is too aggressive in the front for me. Anyways much respect to everyone here
keep on.

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As far as the take off, I really have no idea. Most people just power brake a little and then release the brake and stomp on th egas when th elight turns. I have an MTX so I have no true idea.

As far as coldnoodle's kit, yeah it's a custom kit. It looks awesome doesn't it. here are OTHER kits other than the Shogun kit that you can choose from actually. Do a search on the PIC POST for body kits and such and I'm sure you'll gt a lot of posts.
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