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Ebay Links ...

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Every time I click on an ebay link on this site i get a blank white page with a addy in the bar ... :(
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Can you point to an example?
its not just one ebay link its all of them .. Everyone Ive tried leads to a blank white page ..

Here is the last one I tried ..

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Hearst Castle Overnight 50th Anniversary VIP Experience - eBay (item 220282892507 end time Sep-27-08 20:30:00 PDT)

[Edit] I see what you mean. URLs are forwarded through the auctionads system. But they still work for me. I think that has an agreement with AuctionAds and gets credit for click-throughs. Are you running a script blocker? If so, you can just authorize and it should forward for you.

alternatively copy and paste the url and delete the bolded part.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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