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Hey im building my first mx6 pretty much from scratch and am installing a klze motor in a few weeks. The ecu that was in the car when i bought it is a KL01 18 881c and its my understanding thats for an at car and i have a 5 spd. I picked up a KL55 at the local junk yard and was wondering if its going to be compatible with my car. Im building up a 93 and the ecu i picked up is from a 94 mt car. And i am chipping the ecu to run the klze properly.
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there are very minor differences but mostly the same.
Thanks for the input. Wanted to make sure the 94 ecu would work before i chipped it. Gasket match porting and polishing, headers, chipping and straight back 2.5" exhaust all going in soon. Should be smashin on the honda's soon. Thx
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