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EGR identification

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So call me weird, but from everything I've searched and read on here, the EGR valve has an electrical connection running to it? In the midst of trying to solve a stumbling idle problem, I decided to check and clean my EGR. I know that I'm holding the right part in my hand...100% positive, but I had no electrical connection to it. Is the connection only on the V6's or a different year, or what's the deal?

Car is a 93 mx6 2.0 MTX if that helps. I even tried searching car parts catalogs and they all show this connector. I have no CE codes, just a stumbly idle that I'm pretty sure is poor vacuum. I'll be replacing the VCG this weekend as well.

So long story short, what's your thoughts? Why this strange difference?
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No electrical connection that I know of
I will double check in my Haynes manual.
All it reads about the EGR is that some have one and some have two vacuum lines.
Good to know, thanks. I do have two vac lines. It's a bummer this one doesn't come apart though, I was wanting to clean it really well, but I guess an outside spraying will have to do.
If your car was built to meet California emission standards, it should have the wire on it (for the EGR position sensor). If you don't have a California car, there shouldn't be any wires on it.
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