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Hi Folks

A couple of months ago my aerial just decided to stop working and it wasn't even as if it was grinding. A couple of weeks later i was doing some re-wiring on my amp and later that evening i went back to my car and my aerial was fully up! Then back last week one cold morning i went down to the car only to find that the aerial was fully down!!!

So from this the only idea i've got is that there is a loose connection somewhere and there's probably no chance of me finding it either.

So my question to you guys is that is there any way to rewire the all the aerial connections (5 wires) to fool the aerial into going up and down by a switch? i.e. wire pos and neg constant feed and the other 3 wires to say the antenna wire from the stereo?

Answers on a postcard please :)

Nige :)
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