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Engine Belt, Double Checking

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So I dont have my A/C hooked up and do not plan on it any time soon.

Would this be the correct belt to get and then just remove the AC pulley? | Shopping | Parts | Product Detail - Belt

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Do you have the V6 or I4?

I thought the V6 MX6 always came with AC, so you had to ask for the belt for a Probe V6 without AC. Maybe I'm wrong, or maybe you have the I4.

Edit: I just checked on ProbeTalk, and for the V6 you need the "340K5" (if it's a dayco belt). So I think that's the right one. (The "K5" means 5 ridges in the belt, and the "340" means 34.0 inches).

By the way, you don't need to remove the AC pulley. The belt will fit without removing the pulley. To reduce weight, remove the whole AC compressor. Check the thread in the Probetalk performance V6 archives.
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V6, thanks for that info.

Now to see if the store has it :)
Just for anyone searching. The belt Nick stated is the same belt that I linked too.

In there system they had a MX6 non AC belt which was the same part number from above.
Your link takes me to a seat for a 94
That is does :lol:
Clever bugger :) Should have made it a rick roll
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