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Hey guys..
I have a 94 LS with 175000 KM's and the engine light always seems to come on for some reason. It has done this for a long time, my mechanic said MX6's had a faulty switch in them which caused this light to always come on... whats the deal?

Aswell, something very bad is that i jsut recently got an oil change, and now (3 weeks later) the engine is low on oil again (jsut did the dip stick today after engine was warm)
WHat could be the problem with this burning oil, should i jsut go and buy some of the same oil they put in to top it up again? If so how much...

sorry, one more thing, the engine makes a weird clicking sound when its running, i think it might have to do witht he low oil... what could it be..

If anyone could reply to any of these problems i would be very happy. Thanks guys!


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I have a 93MX-6LS with 125000 miles on it. It burns a lot of oil and upon further inspection, I found that there is oil in some of the spark plug wells. This is due to a leaky valve cover gasket. I have to replace both the front and rear gasket because both are leaking. Also, during the time that I've owned the car, I believe it is an oil sensor that was replaced because it was leaking oil. It is definitely possible that you are leaking oil and this could be the cause of your oil deficiency. If you are low on oil, grab some 10W-30 (people on this page recommend Mobil 1) and put some into the oil filler cap. From the 'L' mark to the 'F' mark on your dipstick is one quart. Therefore if your oil mark is at 'L', put in a full quart. If it is halfway between 'F' and 'L', put in 1/2 quart. I'm not sure about the clicking noise, but I'm sure Mike94PGT will soon give you a reply.
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