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Can anyone help me? I've taken my car to three different garages, no one knows what's up with my car. The engine light goes on, and there is no engine problem. They thought it had to do with a EDG(?) valve. It doesn't. It's got to be some sort of electrical problem but no one knows where or how to start. The garages hook it up to a computer and it gives false readings.....HELP!!! It's a 1993 mx 6 4 cyl. O.k and then add this to the equasion: it won't go on if I have the heater on or should I say blowing. When it does go on, I turn the car off and on then the lights off again?????

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bro if it goes on and then off and does it a numerous numbers of times then it is your o2 senosrs i have a v6 and that is what mine was check it out and if u are buring gas more tha often thats a sign
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