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Which engine oil does your MX6 use?
(please follow format):
Car Model: (eg. 1993 LS MANUAL/AUTO)
Brand: (eg. Mobil 1)
Type: (eg. Tri-Synthetic)
Viscosity Grade: (eg. 5w30winter/15w50summer/10w30all year)
Oil Additive: (eg. none/Slick50)
Filter Brand: (eg. Bosch)
Change Interval: (eg. 6000km)
Transmission Oil: (eg. Redline MTL90)

Thanks for your time.

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93 ls manual
5w30winter 15w50summer
no engine additive used
bosch filter
every 5000km
mobil1 synthetic 75w90 gear lube

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1995 Mazda MX-6 LS Manual
oil:Agip oil
type:"conventional oil"
vis. grade:10W30
additive:Chevron Techron...not all the time
filter brand: penzoil filter
intervals of 3,000 miles
transmission oil never changed :)
Gas:mobil super or Shell Super

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93 MX-6 LS
Mobil 1
5W-30 year round
no oil additives
Purolator filter
change interval 3000 miles
Redline MT-90

Definitely get the Mobil 1 gear lube out, it is designed for rear end differentials not transmitions. Mobil will tell you specifically not to use it in transmitions, it will eventually eat the brass in the synchros up and cost you a transmition.:(

95 MX-6 LS V6
Mobil 1 Trisynthetic
10W30 Year-Round...At least that's what the shop manual tells me to use.

Mobil 1 Filter
Change every 2500

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93 MX6 2.0L MTX
Motorcraft 10w-30 year round
No additives
Motorcraft filter
every 3000 miles (or as close to 3000 as possible)
Amoco or Shell 89/93 octane

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Car Model: 1994 LS MANUAL
Brand: MOBIL1 OR REDLINE(when i feel like goin 5 towns away to get it)
Type: Tri-Synthetic
Viscosity Grade: 5w30winter/10w40 spring, summer, fall
Additive: NONE!
Filter Brand: Bosch or Fram or Mazda
Change Interval: 25-2700miles
Transmission Oil: Generic Pep Boys SH!T for now, switching to REDLINE soon.

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1995 Mazda MX-6 LS Manual
Castrol Syntec
5w-50 all-year
No Oil additives
Mazda OEM Oil Filter
Changed every 5000 miles
Redline MT-90 in the Tranny

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93 Mazda MX6 2.25L? MTX
Valvoline VR1 Racing Oil
Racing oil
No additive
Usually a fram or bosch filter equipped with magnets
changed every 2000 miles
just had a tranny shop re-do their screw-up so i havent changed it myself yet.

Car Model: 1993 LS MANUAL
Brand: Mobil 1
Type: Tri-Synthetic
Viscosity Grade: 5w30 - All year round
Oil Additive: none
Filter Brand: Mazda
Interval: 5000 km
Transmission Oil: Redline MTL90

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There are a few of you using bad fluids and filters in your cars. Unfortunately our cars HLA's make for some pretty picky tastes. Search the probetalk site for "oil" "oil filter" & "tranny fluid" and you'll find out what to use and what not to use.

I run Mobil 1 synthetic
Redline MTL tranny fluid
and a geniune Mazda oil filter

1993 626 ES
2.5L V6 KL-ZE
5-speed MTX

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1994 MX-6 LS V-6
Mobil 1
no oil additivies (did a RENEW flush treatment every 10 changes or so)
Filter Brand is Motorcraft
Interval every 3 months (dont put too many km's on the car)
Haven't changed transmission oil sice it was purchased (15000 km's ago)
Currently have 182000 kms.

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