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engine problems

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i have a problem with my mx6. i just recently started to notice this about a day ago. when i get up in the morning and the car is completely cold, it runs wonderfully, very strong. but after the car warms all the way, it seems to lose something. sometimes it feels like something is sucking the life out of it. but it is only temporary. after i put on the cruise control for like five minutes it goes back to being powerfull again. this also occurs after i have been driving for a while and i turn the car off. when i start it up again it feels really hesitant and i have to floor it to get it to go. but like i said, it seems to be an on and off thing, it doesnt happen all the time. i checked and one of my spark plug wires wasnt fully connected, but after connecting it all the way, it doesnt seem to help the problem at all. i have a custom made cai and it felt like it did when i first made it and a vacuum line was sucking air from behind the vaf. so i checked all the vacuum hoses on the intake and they were fine. i use 91 octane gas and have been using it for as long as ive had the car. i thought it might be a bad tank of gas but its not. when i first got the car in may, we took it in to be checked out and it had a clogged fuel filter. could this be the case again? what about when i made the intake, i sorta dropped the vaf on the ground. it wasnt a bad drop but maybe couldve knocked a sensor loose inside it or something. anyway. i have no other idea of what it could be and am probably going to take it in next week. if anyone has had any of these problems, i would greatly appreciate some advice. thanks a lot
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btw: i just changed the oil last week at 105 thousand and have been checking it every couple days and it has been fine.
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