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mazda-head said:
Ok the Engine Codes work like this:

1st gen 626, MX-6

FE3 - DOHC 2.0 (140hp & 170hp N/A)
F2 - Regular 2.2 N/A 12-Valve
F2T - Turbo'ed 2.2 12 Valve

2nd gen: 626, MX-6

KL-03 2.5 V6 lower compression, milder cams, smaller runners
KL-ZE 2.5 V6 high comp., robust cams, bigger runners
KF-ZE 2.0 V6 high comp., robust cams, runners similar to KL-03
K8 - 1.8 V6

FSD - regular 2.0
FS-ZE - 2.0 J-spec, high comp., etc etc (170hp +/-)

JE - 90 Degree 3.0 V6 from 929 & MPV

and the BPD? is the miata engine
B6 B6T BP01 BPT etc from older 323's & proteges


I read somewhere that there are two types of 2.5 V6s, are those (in the quote) the ones? Could a person have gotten a new MX6 with a KL-ZE from the dealer? Which of these engines operate on the Miller-cycle?


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Yes, the KL-03 and KL-ZE are the two common variants of the 2.5L V6. The KL-ZE wasn't an option in North American markets. Japan (which is why it's often termed the J-spec motor) and other places got it though. Lucky sods... :D

The Miller motor isn't shown in that list: it's a 2.3L supercharged/intercooled variant that I've seen called the "KJS".
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