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engine smokes

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first thing i hope i'm in the right forum. my problem, I have a 93 mx6 4cyl and I think the clutch went out on my wife so she kept trying to make it get up to speed on the highway until it finally stop moving (i think she was red lining). after AAA delivered it home I started it to check out the clutch and discovered that it had a steady stream of blue smoke coming out of the exhaust. question could it be the rings or is there something else that might have happened?

thanks for any help and if I post at the wrong site please redirect me
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Yes you're in the correct section.
Oil in the exhaust, no bien, lol. I got my money on having blown the headgasket/cracked the head if she was redlining for a long time. Are you able to drive the car at all?
no car will not move but engine runs good no pinging or other noise just lots of blue smoke
Lol, dumb question on my part considering you already said the clutch went out. It could be the rings, or the other possibility. What color is your oil?
oil looks good no signs of water
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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