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Engine swap, now no fuel

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Hey guys,

as you know i'm swapping or swapped an engine out of a 96 M edition into my 94 LS( just bought a M-editon thread). I know there is a difference in that the 96 is OBD2 and the 94 is OBD1. I got it swapped and everything plugged in, but the fuel pump is not coming on. I drove the car onto the rack before I pull the original motor. Any Ideas.:shrug:
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You need to use your original 94 distributor; the wiring is different in the 96. Can't think of anything else. Does the fuel pump run when you connect the FP and GND pins in the diagnostic box?
Engine is cranking and I have good spark. I used the 94 distributor and the fuel pump is not running. Both cars were driven into the shop.
Jump the fp and gnd pins as NickR suggested, because that's the only time the fuel pump comes on with the key in the on position, as I understand it. Otherwise, the pump only comes on when you crank the motor. Also, you might want to check your fuel pressure.
I got it to fire up. I pulled all the grounds and cleaned them and I also pulled the distributor back out and clean the contacts in the harness. Thanks for all the help.

These engines are a PITA to swap. Before the swap i put in a new water pump, t-belt and tensioners. I had to swap fly wheels(mine is a 5spd). I had to use the 96 exhaust. The exhaust manifolds are different. The EGR valve is different. Vacume lines are alittle different. New valve cover gastkets, plugs and wires. I've got a good 3 days of work in her. Now on to the body shop.
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