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EOI: 170kw atw F2T turbo setup

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I'm considering selling my F2T turbo setup off the wagon. What you will get:

- Manifold with T25 flange
-T25G off a SR20 with modified compressor outlet to suit 2" piping (ported)
-Dump pipe that clears air-con and power steering without modification with O2 bung
- Stainless oil feed line, oil return line and water lines
- 9psi wastegate actuator
- Turbo inlet adaptor
- 600 x 300 intercooler, 2-2.5" turbo to intercooler piping, 2.5" intercooler to throttle body piping. No BOV. fittings to run AFM in cooler pipes. Complete with all silicone joiners and clamps
- 2.5" front pipe
- Turbotech boost controller
- intake pipe with Pod filter and rocker cover breather hose

This is a complete bolt on setup, you will need to extend the AFM loom and some trimming for the cooler pipes. A Woo chip will be required to make 170kw atw. At this point I'm looking for offers outright, and offers with swapping for your setup.

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what plans have you got for the wagon now?
Yet to Decide Tye ;)
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