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I just recently saw a thread from a month ago about how I sent someone the wrong chip and then never responded. Sorry if I missed your e-mail either do to my crappy webhosting or my over zealous spam filter. I try to check my e-mail and respond to questions everyday, but things slip through the cracks.

On to the tech info...

Figured I'd post this info again since it's been a while and a lot of people don't know where to find some of this off the wall info. Should help some of the confusion that people have buying used ecu's and chips.

86-89 cars use 0792-0795 eproms, these are all interchangeable with one another without any worries.

90-92 cars use 1141-1144 eproms and one version of the ECU uses no eprom. 1141-1143 eproms are 100% interchangeable with each other. ECU's that came with the 1144 eprom will work correctly with 1144 chips, i've had cases of 1143 chips sometimes working but more often than not they cause a check engine light.

No eprom ecus can be modified to work with an eprom. I've posted these instructions int he past and they can be found through searching.

All my 86-89 eproms are based off the 0794 eprom.
All my 90-92 eproms are based off the 1143 eprom (except those with 1144 eproms).

Please keep the flames out of this thread, this is a post sharing info to hopefully help people.
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