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I have an air bag error (no suprise), seems a lot of people have this problem. It will go: 1.2...3. Anyone with a mazda manual tell me what that stands for?? I'm about to take my dash apart and take the stupid bulb out.


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i think its code 13... you can tell by the counts.. count the first flashes then there will be a pause and count how many second flashes and put them together like 5 short flashes, pause for 2 second and 2 more flashes = 52 and don't take the bulb out, you will have an annoying buzzer instead of the flashing
Here are the codes and what they mean

Code Fault
12 Low battery voltage
13 Air bag circuit or crash sensor shorted to ground
21 Safing sensor mounted incorrectly
22 Safing sensor: output shorted to battery voltage
23 Safing sensor input feed or return circuit open
24 Open in circuit 944B or low-resistance in crash sensor(s)
32 Driver's side air-bag / safing sensor: high resistance or open
33 Pin 7 not grounded at DM
34 Driver's side air-bag / safing sensor: low resistance or shorted
35 Low resistance across pins 8 and 9 of DM
41 Crash sensor circuit: high resistance or open
44 RH crash sensor not mounted properly
45 Center (radiator) crash sensor not mounted properly
46 LH crash sensor not mounted properly
51 DM internal fuse: blown and short to ground no longer exists
52 Backup-power supply: voltage boost fault
53 Internal DM fault

Rapid continuous flashing or air-bag lamp: all crash sensors disconnected

Here is the web page that tells you info on codes for our cars
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