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Escort GT side skirt test fit

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Thoughts? This is only a test fit with a wee jack once I was sure that they're long enough...

Tight quarters in the garage, couldn't get any really great angles... As you can see the little pieces in front of the rear wheels have to go. The front of the skirts have to be molded a bit to fit the curve on MX-6 fenders.
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What are those off of?!? Meh wants them!!:p:tup:
I have a discovery....lrn2threadtitle
Yeah, well, can't rename it now... :(

The skirts are off my EGT. :tup:
The skirts are off my EGT. :tup:
Exactly what i was gonna say, until i saw you already revealed it!
Anyone else that wants to do this, you need the skirts from the 93+ EGTs. 91-92 had different skirts that went up the bodyline on the fender and behind the door.
Thats why I didnt recognize them. My EGT was a 91;)
looks pretty close. id like to see some updates of it installed :tup:
looks pretty close. id like to see some updates of it installed :tup:
Same here. I would consider doing this.
I'd go full steam ahead, but I figure there isn't much use putting them on before winter...
my local yard JUST got a green 93 escort GT. look like im gonna have to grab the skirts!
Go for it!

After discovering that the door and quarter panel side moulding doesn't have mounting pegs, I may just be inspired enough to rip them off and put the side skirts on anyways...
Soooooo, the finished product looks like............
I don't think I'll be getting these on anytime soon. Snow is here, having troubles with the engine not starting and I have no time at all anymore.... :(
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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